Specialists & Referrals

Our Specialist Practitioners


Dr Jim Taylor


Dr Jim Taylor is a General Adult Psychiatrist. He comes from a background of several years General Practice and service in the Royal Australian Navy. 

His interest cover the full range of Psychiatric disorders. He has significant experience in the management if Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (military and non-military) and Mood Disorders. 

Location: Moss Vale


Referrals for specialist treatment


Referrals from a general practitioner (GP) to a specialist last 12 months, unless otherwise specified. This period begins from the date the specialist first attends the patient, not the date the referral is issued by the GP.

There may be out of pocket expenses associated with some referred services. To find out details of these expenses you need to contact the specialist service reception.

If the out of pocket expense is a barrier to the suggested referral, please discuss alternatives with you GP (eg referral to public service). Please understand that longer than normal waiting periods may apply in this instance.